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How to Choose the Right Beachbody Workout for You

With more than 40 programs and 400 workouts, Beachbody On Demand can be somewhat overwhelming. Whether you’ve been doing our Beachbody workouts for years or you’re just starting, some guidance can be helpful when picking a Beachbody workout program.

There are a few factors that go into choosing the right program to help you reach your goals. What’s your current fitness level? What kind of exercise do you like best? How much time do you have to work out each day? Do you have a favorite trainer?

Below, we break down these details and more for 19 of the most popular Beachbody workout programs on Beachbody On Demand to help you pick the one that’s the best match for you. And since we’re always adding new programs, check back for updates on new workouts you can try!

Need a refresher on what exactly Beachbody On Demand is? We give you all the details here.

Already know your fitness level? Use these links to jump directly to those programs.

Beginner | Beginner-Intermediate | Intermediate | Intermediate-Advanced | Advanced

Beachbody Workout Programs on Beachbody On Demand


Beachbody Workout Program - Beginner

YOUv2Beachbody Workout Program - YOUv2

Type: Dance, cardio
Time: 30 minutes/day for 4 weeks
Equipment: None
Trainer: Leandro Carvalho

With six easy-to-follow dance routines, YOUv2 is a fun way to get moving. For four weeks, five days a week, Leandro will lead you through cardio-dance routines set to your favorite hits from the ’80s and ’90s. The simple routines in this Beachbody workout program are great for people who are looking to be more active, but are beginners to fitness. And the nutrition plan is just as easy to follow. It’s not a strict diet, but instead it encourages small changes to gradually help you eat healthier. This program also includes a journal and motivational calendar to keep you on track with your goals. Try it here.

Country HeatBeachbody Workout Program - Country Heat

Type: Dance, cardio
30 minutes/day for 30 days
Equipment: None
Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

Perfect for beginners, this is a great introduction to cardio exercise. With simple, low impact moves, Autumn Calabrese leads you through a fun dance routine to help you burn calories and work up a sweat. Country Heat includes six different dance workouts set to popular country songs that you’ll do six days a week. Each workout has a “breakdown” video, where Autumn walks you through each move slowly to help you pick up the steps quickly. Unlike CIZE, you aren’t working towards learning a full routine—you’re just following the steps as Autumn calls them out. Country Heat also has an easy-to-follow nutrition plan using Beachbody’s Portion Fix containers. Try it here.

3 Week Yoga RetreatBeachbody Workout Program - 3 Week Yoga Retreat

Type: Yoga
Time: 10-30 minutes/day for 21 days
Equipment: Yoga mat
Trainers: Vytas, Elise, Ted, and Faith

If you’re new to yoga or just want to improve your skills, 3 Week Yoga Retreat will guide you through three weeks of basic yoga classes to help you gain a solid foundation. You’ll do a new class for 21 straight days, with the goal of improving your flexibility, increasing your balance, and relieving stress. Each week is led by a different instructor to help you gradually develop your skills. The shorter, 10-minute weekend classes are taught by a fourth instructor, who focuses on relaxing and unwinding. There is also a Beginner Basics section that breaks down core yoga techniques, like breathing, balance, and the proper way to do basic moves like downward dog and child’s pose. This Beachbody workout program is just straight yoga, without any extra fluff. By the end of these three weeks, you should have the confidence to hold your own in most any yoga class. Try it here.

Beachbody Yoga StudioBeachbody Workout Program - Beachbody Yoga Studio

Type: Yoga
Time: 10-90 minute individual workouts
Equipment: Yoga mat
Trainers: Various

Beachbody Yoga Studio is a complete collection of Beachbody’s yoga classes. It features 52 yoga videos from a variety of Beachbody programs, like 21 Day Fix EXTREME, P90X, and of course, 3 Week Yoga Retreat. With Beachbody Yoga Studio, you can choose the best yoga practice to fit your style, goals, and schedule. If you’re not sure where to start with yoga, this section is a good place to look. While it’s not a full, standalone program, Beachbody Yoga Studio is an excellent resource for those looking to incorporate yoga into their fitness regime at their convenience. Try it here.


Beachbody Workout Program - Beginner Intermediate

21 Day FixBeachbody Workout Program - 21 Day Fix

Type: Cardio
Time: 10-30 minutes/day for 21 days
Equipment: Dumbbells or resistance band and exercise mat
Trainer: Autumn Calabrese
This three-week program includes 13 workouts and a simple nutrition plan. You’ll work out seven days a week, doing everything from cardio to strength training to yoga. This Beachbody workout program provides beginners with an introduction to different kinds of exercise and those at more intermediate fitness levels with new challenges. Most beginners start this program by following the modifier in the videos, then progress to doing the full moves as they become more familiar. The nutrition plan uses color-coded portion control containers, so you don’t have to count calories—instead, you’ll learn what proper portions look like. Many people do this program for multiple rounds, getting stronger and more advanced as they move along. Try it here.

PiYoBeachbody Workout Program - PiYo

Type: Low impact
Time: 13-45 minutes/day for 60 days
Equipment: Yoga mat
Trainer: Chalene Johnson

If you’re looking for a low-impact Beachbody workout that is still challenging, then PiYo is for you. Great for both beginners and those with a solid fitness base, the program combines the best of yoga and Pilates in a single program, with some extra cardio and strengthening exercises thrown into the mix. The workouts are set to a fast pace so your heart rate stays elevated, helping you burn fat while you sculpt your muscles—no jumping or weights required. Other than a yoga mat, you don’t need any equipment to do this program. The main schedule features 10 different workouts, and the deluxe program includes two additional videos. This program has you working out six days per week. Try it here.

CIZEBeachbody Workout Program - CIZE

Type: Dance, cardio
Time: 30-50 minutes/day for 4 weeks
Equipment: None
Trainer: Shaun T

CIZE is a choreography-based Beachbody workout program that will teach you a different dance routine set to pop and hip-hop music each week. Even if you think you can’t dance, you can still do this program. In each routine, Shaun T breaks down the dance moves step by step, and builds them into a full routine. You’ll be moving the entire time to keep your heart rate up while you’re having fun. Choose from the beginner, advanced, or hybrid workout calendar, and try the “Next Level” workouts for an additional challenge. Depending on the calendar you choose, you’ll be dancing either six or seven days each week. This is slightly more difficult than Country Heat, but still great for beginners. Try it here.

22 Minute Hard Corps22 Minute Hard Corps

Type: Cardio, strength/muscle building
Time: 22 minutes/day for 8 weeks
Equipment: Dumbbells or PT sandbag and pull-up bar
Trainer: Tony Horton

With three cardio workouts, three resistance workouts, and two core workouts, these 22-minute videos will help you work your entire body in minimal time. Inspired by the methods of boot camp fitness programs, 22 Minute Hard Corps uses a military-style cadence to work your entire body with basic, uncomplicated moves. There’s also a Battle Buddy partner workout for an additional challenge you can do with a friend. The nutrition plan uses Beachbody’s Portion Fix containers, and includes an eating guide to help you navigate healthy eating with ease. 22 Minute Hard Corps is perfect for someone who is short on time but still wants to incorporate both cardio and resistance training into their schedule. Try it here.

P90Beachbody Workout Program - P90

Type: Cardio, strength/muscle building
Time: 45-60 minutes/day for 90 days
Equipment: Dumbbells and/or resistance bands and door attachment
Trainer: Tony Horton

Simple and less intense than P90X, each phase of P90 is designed to gradually ease your body into better shape than ever before. It’s an excellent Beachbody workout program for beginners who want to lose weight and try a program with both cardio and strength training. It’s also challenging enough for those with a solid fitness base; just because this program is easier than P90X doesn’t mean you won’t see the same great results. Choose between the cardio-based schedule or resistance-based schedule, both of which include six days of workouts each week. Try it here.

Brazil Butt LiftBeachbody Workout Program - Brazil Butt Lift

Type: Cardio
Time: 10-50 minutes/day for 60 days
Equipment: Exercise band
Trainer: Leandro Carvalho

Focused on reshaping your booty without bulking up your thighs, Brazil Butt Lift will help lift, firm, and round your butt with strategic, targeted sculpting routines. Depending on your goal, you can choose between four workout calendars: volumizer, lift, slim, and classic. Each incorporates the six different workouts to sculpt your booty just how you want, and they’ll also help you slim down all over thanks to the cardio component of the routines. And this isn’t just a program for women—strengthening your hips and glutes can improve the way you move which can reduce the chance of injury, and that’s something from which everyone can benefit. Try it here.

Active MaternityBeachbody Workout Program - Active Maternity

Type: Low Impact
Time: 25-35 minutes/workout during pre- and post-pregnancy
Equipment: Dumbbells
Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

The Active Maternity series includes four workouts to help you stay active and exercise correctly for your changing body. Workouts for the first and second trimester help you build and strengthen the areas most affected by pregnancy. The third trimester focuses on holding each move for 10 seconds, approximating the length of each push in the last act of labor. Finally, the postnatal workout will help you ease back into exercise, increasing your strength and endurance. Try it here.

Beachbody Workout Program - Intermediate

FOCUS T25Beachbody Workout Program - FOCUS T25

Type: Cardio
Time: 25 minutes/day for 10 weeks
Equipment: Dumbbells or resistance band and exercise mat
Trainer: Shaun T

For five days a week, 25 minutes a day, this cardio and resistance training program will help you get results in record time. As an intermediate Beachbody workout program, it’s great for people with a seasoned fitness base, but those who find the moves too hard can still follow the modifier. The main program is broken down into two stages: Alpha and Beta. They’re each five weeks long, with Beta providing similar, but more intense, workouts as well as the introduction of weights. Then, for an extra challenge, there is the Gamma stage, which includes even more challenging workouts. This is a cardio-heavy program that demands a decent amount of jumping, so those with bad knees should consider following the modifier. FOCUS T25 is less intense than INSANITY, and it can help you get ready for the more advanced programs. Try it here.

Beachbody Workout Program - Intermediate Advanced

CORE DE FORCEBeachbody Workout Program - CORE DE FORCE

Type: Cardio
Time: 15-45 minutes/day for 30 days
Equipment: None
Trainers: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews

CORE DE FORCE is a mixed martial arts-inspired program that will work your entire body without using any equipment. Each workout is composed of multiple three-minute “rounds” designed to test your cardio skills, build strength, and increase power. The moves for each video are broken down in the “Learn It and Work It” companion videos so you can get a better command of the moves before putting them all together in one workout. Six days a week, this Beachbody workout program is great for intermediate or advanced levels, but beginners can follow the modifier for a less-intense workout. The eating plan uses Beachbody’s Portion Fix containers to make healthy eating easy and intuitive. Try it here.

Body BeastBeachbody Workout Program - Body Beast

Type: Strength/muscle building
Time: 11-56 minutes/day for 90 days
Equipment: Dumbbells, bench or stability ball, pull-up bar and/or resistance band, EZ curl bar
Trainer: Sagi Kalev

This weight lifting Beachbody workout program focuses on building and defining your muscles, and shedding fat with the easy-to-follow nutrition plan. All skill levels can follow along and benefit from Body Beast—you don’t need any prior weight-lifting knowledge, and if you’re more advanced, this program will still challenge you and deliver results. There are two 90-day workout schedules to choose from—one that focuses on gaining muscle mass, and the other that focuses on getting lean and ripped. You can do this program at home if you have all the equipment, but many people choose to take this to a gym and follow the videos on their phone or tablet. Body Beast offers workouts six days a week, with rest days on alternating days of the week. Try it here.

The Master’s Hammer and ChiselBeachbody Workout Program - The Master's Hammer and Chisel

Type: Strength/muscle Building
Time: 30-40 minutes/day for 60 days
Equipment: Dumbbells or resistance bands, bench or stability ball, chin-up bar
Trainers: Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev

This resistance training program is led by 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese and Body Beast creator Sagi Kalev. Six days a week for eight weeks, you’ll alternate between the muscle-building Hammer workouts and sculpting, cardio-based Chisel workouts. This will help you build muscle and strength while simultaneously toning your physique. Unlike more straight-forward bodybuilding programs, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel focuses on improving endurance, power, agility, strength, balance, and range of motion. It will be a challenge for anyone in the intermediate level, and it can help you progress to a more advanced level once completed. Try it here.

P90X3Beachbody Workout Program - P90X3

Type: Strength/muscle building
Time: 30 minutes/day for 90 days
Equipment: Dumbbells or resistance bands and pull-up bar
Trainer: Tony Horton

The efficient, 30-minute workouts in P90X3 will help you gain muscle and slim down with a variety of moves to keep you challenged over the full 90 days. Anyone with a strong fitness background can benefit from this Beachbody workout program, and the modifications also make it accessible for those with a modest fitness base. If you love Tony Horton and his other P90X workouts but are looking for a new challenge, give P90X3 a try. You’ll do everything from mix martial arts-inspired workouts to Pilates to upper- and lower-body strength training, so you’ll never be bored. This program will have you working out six days a week, with an optional active recovery workout on the seventh day. Try it here.

TurboFireBeachbody Workout Program - TurboFire

Type: Cardio
Time: 10-55 minutes/day for 90 days
Equipment: None
Trainer: Chalene Johnson

This total-body cardio conditioning program gives you the high-energy feel of a group class in the comfort of your own home. Follow along six days a week for 12 weeks as Chalene leads you through 11 different High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts shot in a group class setting and set to upbeat music. After you finish the main program, there are additional workouts for an added challenge. There’s an element of choreography to the workouts (because they are so fast-paced), which is why we included the “Firestarter Class” to break down and explain all the moves. TurboFire is a step up from Chalene’s first Beachbody workout program, Turbo Jam, and is more well-rounded to yield better results. Try it here.


21 Day Fix ExtremeBeachbody Workout Program - 21 Day Fix Extreme

Type: Cardio strength/muscle building
Time: 10-30 minutes/day for 21 Days
Equipment: Dumbbells, resistance band, and exercise mat
Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

If you’ve completed the original 21 Day Fix program, or are looking for a new extreme program after P90X3, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, or FOCUS T25, this program is a great next step. It boasts more challenging workouts than 21 Day Fix, but the same simple nutrition plan with Beachbody’s Portion Fix containers. The three-week program includes 11 workouts for seven days a week, with a variety of exercises like cardio, strength training, yoga, and more. Since this program is more intense, the meal plan offers a “Countdown to Competition,” which will help burn off fat stores to get you as shredded as possible. Try it here.

INSANITY: MAX 30Beachbody Workout Program - INSANITY MAX:30

Type: Cardio
Time: 30 minutes/day for 60 days
Equipment: None
Trainer: Shaun T

The goal of INSANITY: MAX 30 is to push yourself as hard as you can for as long as you can—and then just a bit longer the next day. Record your “MAX OUT” time for each workout, and then try to go at least one second more in the next so that you’re constantly improving. This program is just as intense as the original INSANITY Beachbody workouts, but has been condensed into shorter, 30-minute spans, and also offers a modifier who demonstrates the easier, lower-impact version of every move. And this being a cardio-heavy program that doesn’t require equipment, you can do it anywhere. If you’ve just finished Focus T25, and want to stick with Shaun T through shorter workouts, this is a great program to choose. Try it here.

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